The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Puppy's First Vet Visit

Congrats on bringing home a new furry mate! One of the first things you need to do is schedule your puppy's first vet visit. Taking your pup to the vet early on can help you identify any health issues and prevent your pet from developing severe illnesses. If you're feeling a bit nervous or overwhelmed about your puppy's first vet visit, this guide will run you through everything you need to know to prepare for the appointment.

Two tips for puppy owners who have enlisted their pets in puppy training programs

Here are two tips for puppy owners who have enlisted their pets in one of their vet's puppy training programs. They should practise basic commands with their puppy before the program begins Most puppy training programs will teach all of the basic obedience commands, as well as more complex socialisation and behavioural management techniques. However, it's still sensible for those who've signed up for these programs to practise basic commands with their puppies prior to their first class.

Top Reasons to Take Your Older Dog to the Vet More Often

If you have an older dog, chances are good that you have always taken your dog to the vet throughout its life. Now that your dog is older, however, it might be important for you to take it to the vet a little more often. Of course, your veterinarian can give you an idea of how often your dog should be brought in for appointments, but these are a few reasons why more frequent visits might be a good idea now that your dog is older.

Does Your Cat Have A Cold?

Cat colds are similar to human colds and are typically caused by either the feline calicivirus or the feline herpesvirus. Both of these viruses are highly contagious and can spread quickly among cats. The viruses that cause your cat to develop a cold can't be transmitted to humans, so there's no need to alter your contact with a cat that has a cold virus, but they should be separated from all other cats until their symptoms disappear.

Some things to consider when choosing a puppy school

Puppy school is a vital part of training and socialising your pet. In order to get the best experience, you should spend a little time choosing the ideal school. Here are some things to think about. Location Firstly, you should consider the location. Although there are many puppy schools available, you will probably need to limit your search to one that is located nearby. It is a good idea to get your puppy used to car travel from an early age, but long journeys are likely to be out of the question.

3 Signs You Dog Needs To Be Desexed

If you've decided to forego desexing, you might want to rethink that decision. You might not realise this, but desexing your dog is actually beneficial to them. In fact, without desexing, your dog could be at risk for a variety of problems. However, some of those problems could affect you as well. If you're not sure that your dog needs to be desexed, read the list provided below. Here are three sure signs that your dog should be desexed.

Why Pet Grooming Is One Of The Best Value Services Money Can Buy

When it comes to their pets, many people are very protective, and for good reason. You build a special relationship with your dog or cat and find that they have a unique personality that is funny, loving and energetic to be around. Due to this, many people think that they are the only ones who should groom their pet, but that is not true and you can start to overestimate your abilities with a comb and some scissors.

Dog Care: What To Expect At A Check-Up

It can be difficult to know whether your dog is experiencing any health issues since they can't just tell you if they have any pain or discomfort. That's why vets recommend regular check-ups for dogs. Check-ups differ for an appointment that's scheduled to address a specific health problem, as during a check-up your vet will aim to carry out a thorough, full-body examination. Your vet will advise you on how often your dog should have a check-up, but an annual check-up is quite common for dogs that have no significant ongoing health issues.

Dog Training Tips and Advice

Some dogs are naturally obedient from the beginning and don't really need much work. Other dogs may require some work. Some "good" dogs may even end up being better behaved once you gradually introduce more formal obedience training. This is a guide on how to train your puppy. It provides an overview of the skills needed for basic obedience training. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Dog Care: Fatty Skin Tumours Explained

Fatty skin tumours, known as lipomas, are soft masses that sit just underneath the skin. There are not typically any changes to the skin itself and these type of tumour are rarely malignant, but they can grow and should be investigated to confirm they are benign. A fatty skin tumour can grow anywhere on your dog's body, but they are commonly found on the chest and legs and can cause discomfort when your dog is walking or lying.

Understanding The Dietary Needs Of Your Kitten

Your kitten has unique dietary needs owing to their rapidly growing body, so they should be fed a diet that's designed to meet their nutritional requirements. Here's an overview of essential nutrients your kitten will require for healthy development and common signs of nutritional deficiency: Essential Nutrients In order to support your kitten's rapid growth, their diet needs to be high in protein to support muscle growth, energy production and healthy skin and hair.

Recognising The Signs Of Doggy Dental Distress

From a very young age, the importance of regular dental care is taught to people. However, not all pet owners know that continual dental care is as important for their animals. While your canine's fangs do not need brushing twice a day, doggy dentistry is a topic all dog owners must be aware of. At each scheduled visit, your vet checks your dog's dental health. Outside of these, there are signs that your dog's teeth are causing them distress.

Would Your Dog Be Better Off with a Mobile Vet?

Whatever happens to be on offer, chances are that your devoted dog is going to be an enthusiastic participant. Want to relax on the couch and watch Netflix all day? Sure! How about a walk? Yes, please! Who wants a treat? Heck yeah! There are perhaps just two things that your dog might be reluctant about. They're unlikely to be their usual, obliging self when it's bath time, but it has to happen.

3 Tips to Help Your Pet Dog Maintain Good Oral (and Overall) Health

It is perfectly normal and natural for pet dogs to harbour microbial flora inside their mouth. In fact, the bacteria in your dog's mouth can help to keep it healthy. It is until plaque and tartar start building up on your canine's teeth and gums that problems may begin. Note that, just like humans, dogs, too, can develop dental infections and disease if their dental health isn't taken seriously. Treating dental infections and disease in dogs can be expensive and in some cases, it may be too little too late to administer effective treatment.

Is Your Dog Allergic to Your Cat?

If you've recently added a cat to your family, then your first concern may have been how your dog would react to having a cat around. If all goes well and your two pets get on with each other, then you'll have breathed a sigh of relief. However, as time passes, you may have noticed that your dog is acting like its allergic to something. It may be sneezing a lot, its eyes may be red, and it may be scratching more than usual.

Looking After Your Pet Bunny in the Hot Weather

One of the great parts of having a pet rabbit is getting to pat their wonderfully soft and inviting fur coat. Unfortunately, in summer this beautiful fur can be a disadvantage in the hot Australian climate. Here are some tips on helping to keep your bunny cool and comfortable in the warm weather. Keep them cool with fruit, vegetables and cool water One of the important ways to help your rabbit is to make sure they have access to cold water and a range of cool fruit and vegetables to keep them hydrated.

Aftercare for your male dog after neutering

Many dogs feel a little uncomfortable after they've had their 'furry dice' removed. While neutering has a lot of health benefits there can be some initial discomfort after the surgery. With these four simple steps, dog owners can help to minimise their dog's discomfort and get them back to their normal self in no time.  Ask for a surgical cone The healing process can be a little uncomfortable and itchy which can cause dogs to overgroom their nether regions.

How to Capture a Stray Cat

If you notice a stray cat on the street, you may wish to try and catch it so you can take it to a vet or cat sanctuary so it can be identified and cared for. However, if a cat has run away or is injured, it is probably very anxious, which can make it very difficult to approach. Below is a guide to approaching a stray cat. Approach slowly

The Telltale Signs of Respiratory Problems in Reptiles

If you keep snakes, lizards or other reptiles, it's not as easy to tell if they're unwell as it is with a cat or dog. Many of these creatures spend a lot of time hiding or standing still, making it difficult to spot when something is amiss. One of the more common medical problems faced by reptiles is a respiratory infection. If it's severe or remains untreated, this type of infection can lead to death or can cause septicaemia.

Antifreeze Poisoning In Cats Explained

Most brands of antifreeze contain ethylene glycol as the active ingredient. If your cat ingests even a small amount of antifreeze that's spilled onto the road or a neighbour's driveway, it could cost them their life. Ethylene glycol is highly toxic to cats, but they tend to enjoy the slightly sweet taste and poisoning is common during cold periods. Acting quickly when your cat ingests antifreeze can save their life, so here's an overview of the symptoms and treatment options:

Chocolate Poisoning In Cats: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

Chocolate is highly toxic to cats and can lead to serious medical problems for your cat if even a small quantity is ingested. Theobromine, a chemical compound found in chocolate, can put stress on your cat's cardiovascular and nervous systems and cause heart failure or put them into a coma. Here's an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options associated with chocolate toxicity in cats: Symptoms If your cat eats chocolate they can experience the following symptoms:

Is There Life After Bone Spavin?

Bone spavin is a common cause of hind limb lameness in horses.  But what is bone spavin and how can your equine vet help you to manage the condition?  Read on to find out more. What is bone spavin? Spavin refers to an osteoarthritic condition of the lower hock joints, affecting one or both legs, and causing lameness of varying degrees of severity.  The horse's hock is made up of three small joints, composing one large one.

When It's Time to Take Your Pet to a Veterinary Clinic

Your dog or cat should be getting regular checkups from the vet, according to the schedule he or she recommends. In some cases you may need to take your pet in to an emergency treatment center, such as if it has suffered a severe injury or is vomiting without letup. However, there are other times when you should take your pet into a clinic like Baw Baw Paws Vet Clinic, not necessarily as an emergency, but as soon as you can schedule an appointment.

How to keep timid dogs and cats calm during vaccinations

A short trip to the veterinarian for dog or cat vaccinations can be an incredibly stressful experience for timid dogs; and even though shots only come around once each year, it doesn't stop it being a difficult time for you as their owner. With a little planning and training, it is possible to make vaccinations a little easier on your pet. Don't delay puppy and kitten vaccinations When you adopt a puppy or kitten, it is crucial that you take them to the vet to get all the appropriate shots as soon as possible.

Why do cats need dental care?

For animals that are so independent, it can come as a surprise to cat owners that they need to take their cats for regular dental check-ups. While cats in the wild may not need plaque removal, there are good reasons for domestic cats to get their teeth attended to. Overall longer life expectancy Domestic cats are protected from many of the causes of reduced life in wild cats, including diseases and attacks from predator animals.

3 Things to Look for in the Ideal Vet Clinic for Your Reptile

Reptiles are relatively uncommon as pets. However they can be great companions with high levels of intelligence and low levels of maintenance required, as well as being very low in allergens for people who are sensitive to animal fur. They are a great option for children as a first pet Here is what to look for in finding a vet clinic that suits reptiles. X-ray and scanning facilities Reptilian pets are very vulnerable to attack from other companion animals such as cats and dogs, as they tend to flee rather than fight.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Cats: What it Is & How to React

If you ever notice your cat licking the ground beneath your car after you've topped up the antifreeze or screen wash, remove the cat immediately and call the vet as an emergency. Here's why. Antifreeze poisoning Cats find the ethylene glycol contained in antifreeze coolant as irresistible as you do luxury Belgian chocolate, but did you know that consuming as little one teaspoon-full can be fatal to your cat? Ethylene glycol is the most common source of poisoning in cats.

3 Tips on Maximising Your Cat's Lifespan

As you stare into the eyes of your cute kitten, you know that you want them to be with you for years to come. While you can't guarantee any particular outcomes, there are a few tips that can maximise the chance of it living well into their teenage years, beyond the standard tips of immunising your cats. Modify their diet Cats are dedicated carnivores and designed to eat high protein meals.