Looking After Your Pet Bunny in the Hot Weather

One of the great parts of having a pet rabbit is getting to pat their wonderfully soft and inviting fur coat. Unfortunately, in summer this beautiful fur can be a disadvantage in the hot Australian climate. Here are some tips on helping to keep your bunny cool and comfortable in the warm weather. Keep them cool with fruit, vegetables and cool water One of the important ways to help your rabbit is to make sure they have access to cold water and a range of cool fruit and vegetables to keep them hydrated.

Aftercare for your male dog after neutering

Many dogs feel a little uncomfortable after they've had their 'furry dice' removed. While neutering has a lot of health benefits there can be some initial discomfort after the surgery. With these four simple steps, dog owners can help to minimise their dog's discomfort and get them back to their normal self in no time.  Ask for a surgical cone The healing process can be a little uncomfortable and itchy which can cause dogs to overgroom their nether regions.

How to Capture a Stray Cat

If you notice a stray cat on the street, you may wish to try and catch it so you can take it to a vet or cat sanctuary so it can be identified and cared for. However, if a cat has run away or is injured, it is probably very anxious, which can make it very difficult to approach. Below is a guide to approaching a stray cat. Approach slowly

The Telltale Signs of Respiratory Problems in Reptiles

If you keep snakes, lizards or other reptiles, it's not as easy to tell if they're unwell as it is with a cat or dog. Many of these creatures spend a lot of time hiding or standing still, making it difficult to spot when something is amiss. One of the more common medical problems faced by reptiles is a respiratory infection. If it's severe or remains untreated, this type of infection can lead to death or can cause septicaemia.