Would Your Dog Be Better Off with a Mobile Vet?

Whatever happens to be on offer, chances are that your devoted dog is going to be an enthusiastic participant. Want to relax on the couch and watch Netflix all day? Sure! How about a walk? Yes, please! Who wants a treat? Heck yeah! There are perhaps just two things that your dog might be reluctant about. They're unlikely to be their usual, obliging self when it's bath time, but it has to happen. Similarly, their happiness might suddenly vanish the moment that they realise that their ride in the car is transporting them to the vet. While seeing a vet is an absolute necessity for your dog, actually going to the vet's physical location can be avoided. Would your dog benefit from a mobile veterinarian?

Dogs That Might Need a Mobile Vet

There are three instances where a mobile vet can be a better bet than a trip to the clinic.

  1. Despite your best efforts, your dog still might be incredibly anxious when it comes to visiting the vet. Their emotional distress can be difficult to see, and it could conceivably make any required treatment more difficult. A mobile vet visits your dog in an environment where they're most comfortable, namely their home.
  2. The advanced age of your dog can make both the journey and any required treatment problematic. An elderly dog can have mobility issues to the point that the act of going to the vet can have a detrimental effect on their wellbeing. But of course, they still need to see a vet.
  3. Your dog might already have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and in a similar fashion to an elderly dog, the logistical issues of transporting an unwell dog for necessary medical care can be distressing for your beloved pooch. 

What a Mobile Vet Can Do

You might be surprised about the extent of services that a mobile vet is able to provide. Standard vaccinations can be given and dermatological conditions can be diagnosed, along with some types of respiratory infections. When medication is required, a prescription will be issued, and you can collect this from the actual vet surgery. When blood or urine samples need to be analysed, these can be taken onsite and sent to a laboratory for processing. Admittedly, your dog might need to be referred to a clinic when advanced medical diagnostics are required, but your mobile vet will perform tests during their visit whenever possible. 

Seeing a vet is essential for your dog, but actually going to the vet doesn't have to be. Look for a mobile veterinarian near you who could take care of your pet.