Why Pet Grooming Is One Of The Best Value Services Money Can Buy

When it comes to their pets, many people are very protective, and for good reason. You build a special relationship with your dog or cat and find that they have a unique personality that is funny, loving and energetic to be around. Due to this, many people think that they are the only ones who should groom their pet, but that is not true and you can start to overestimate your abilities with a comb and some scissors.

Dog Care: What To Expect At A Check-Up

It can be difficult to know whether your dog is experiencing any health issues since they can't just tell you if they have any pain or discomfort. That's why vets recommend regular check-ups for dogs. Check-ups differ for an appointment that's scheduled to address a specific health problem, as during a check-up your vet will aim to carry out a thorough, full-body examination. Your vet will advise you on how often your dog should have a check-up, but an annual check-up is quite common for dogs that have no significant ongoing health issues.

Dog Training Tips and Advice

Some dogs are naturally obedient from the beginning and don't really need much work. Other dogs may require some work. Some "good" dogs may even end up being better behaved once you gradually introduce more formal obedience training. This is a guide on how to train your puppy. It provides an overview of the skills needed for basic obedience training. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Dog Care: Fatty Skin Tumours Explained

Fatty skin tumours, known as lipomas, are soft masses that sit just underneath the skin. There are not typically any changes to the skin itself and these type of tumour are rarely malignant, but they can grow and should be investigated to confirm they are benign. A fatty skin tumour can grow anywhere on your dog's body, but they are commonly found on the chest and legs and can cause discomfort when your dog is walking or lying.