Understanding The Dietary Needs Of Your Kitten

Your kitten has unique dietary needs owing to their rapidly growing body, so they should be fed a diet that's designed to meet their nutritional requirements. Here's an overview of essential nutrients your kitten will require for healthy development and common signs of nutritional deficiency: Essential Nutrients In order to support your kitten's rapid growth, their diet needs to be high in protein to support muscle growth, energy production and healthy skin and hair.

Recognising The Signs Of Doggy Dental Distress

From a very young age, the importance of regular dental care is taught to people. However, not all pet owners know that continual dental care is as important for their animals. While your canine's fangs do not need brushing twice a day, doggy dentistry is a topic all dog owners must be aware of. At each scheduled visit, your vet checks your dog's dental health. Outside of these, there are signs that your dog's teeth are causing them distress.