Antifreeze Poisoning In Cats Explained

Most brands of antifreeze contain ethylene glycol as the active ingredient. If your cat ingests even a small amount of antifreeze that's spilled onto the road or a neighbour's driveway, it could cost them their life. Ethylene glycol is highly toxic to cats, but they tend to enjoy the slightly sweet taste and poisoning is common during cold periods. Acting quickly when your cat ingests antifreeze can save their life, so here's an overview of the symptoms and treatment options:

Chocolate Poisoning In Cats: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

Chocolate is highly toxic to cats and can lead to serious medical problems for your cat if even a small quantity is ingested. Theobromine, a chemical compound found in chocolate, can put stress on your cat's cardiovascular and nervous systems and cause heart failure or put them into a coma. Here's an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options associated with chocolate toxicity in cats: Symptoms If your cat eats chocolate they can experience the following symptoms:

Is There Life After Bone Spavin?

Bone spavin is a common cause of hind limb lameness in horses.  But what is bone spavin and how can your equine vet help you to manage the condition?  Read on to find out more. What is bone spavin? Spavin refers to an osteoarthritic condition of the lower hock joints, affecting one or both legs, and causing lameness of varying degrees of severity.  The horse's hock is made up of three small joints, composing one large one.