3 Tips to Help Your Pet Dog Maintain Good Oral (and Overall) Health

It is perfectly normal and natural for pet dogs to harbour microbial flora inside their mouth. In fact, the bacteria in your dog's mouth can help to keep it healthy. It is until plaque and tartar start building up on your canine's teeth and gums that problems may begin.

Note that, just like humans, dogs, too, can develop dental infections and disease if their dental health isn't taken seriously. Treating dental infections and disease in dogs can be expensive and in some cases, it may be too little too late to administer effective treatment.

Having said that, it is important that you take proper care of your dog's mouth to forfend dental health complications. Here are some tips for you to follow.

Brush Your Dog's Teeth Regularly

If you are like some doggy owners, you might think that giving your canine a dental chew is enough to clean their mouth. Well, you're wrong.

Just like you, dogs need to have their mouth cleaned on a regular basis to avoid a buildup of the dreadful plaque and tartar. An effective way to achieve this is to brush your canine's teeth and gums with a canine toothbrush. Do this gently and your dog will enjoy the routine. 

Schedule Regular Visits to the Veterinary Dental Clinic

Arranging for visits to the veterinary dental clinic is just as important as taking your dog to the regular vet for checkups. Remember, the oral health of your furry one can affect their overall health.

Regular visits to receive veterinary dentistry will ensure continuous monitoring of your dog's dental health. This will help to catch problems before they can cause serious dental disease. 

Look Out for Symptoms of Dental Problems 

Like other members of your household, your dog won't behave normally when they are feeling unwell. Paying close attention to your dog at home is essential to ensuring early detection of dental problems.

If your dog seems to have lost their appetite, has lost weight, is drooling, has foul breath or is in low spirit, for example, they could be experiencing dental pain. Schedule an emergency visit to the pet dentist to find out the source of their pain and discomfort.

The importance of your four-legged friend's mouth health can never be overstated, especially because it can affect their overall health as well. Follow the above tips to help them to maintain good oral and overall health.