When It's Time to Take Your Pet to a Veterinary Clinic

Your dog or cat should be getting regular checkups from the vet, according to the schedule he or she recommends. In some cases you may need to take your pet in to an emergency treatment center, such as if it has suffered a severe injury or is vomiting without letup. However, there are other times when you should take your pet into a clinic like Baw Baw Paws Vet Clinic, not necessarily as an emergency, but as soon as you can schedule an appointment.

How to keep timid dogs and cats calm during vaccinations

A short trip to the veterinarian for dog or cat vaccinations can be an incredibly stressful experience for timid dogs; and even though shots only come around once each year, it doesn't stop it being a difficult time for you as their owner. With a little planning and training, it is possible to make vaccinations a little easier on your pet. Don't delay puppy and kitten vaccinations When you adopt a puppy or kitten, it is crucial that you take them to the vet to get all the appropriate shots as soon as possible.

Why do cats need dental care?

For animals that are so independent, it can come as a surprise to cat owners that they need to take their cats for regular dental check-ups. While cats in the wild may not need plaque removal, there are good reasons for domestic cats to get their teeth attended to. Overall longer life expectancy Domestic cats are protected from many of the causes of reduced life in wild cats, including diseases and attacks from predator animals.

3 Things to Look for in the Ideal Vet Clinic for Your Reptile

Reptiles are relatively uncommon as pets. However they can be great companions with high levels of intelligence and low levels of maintenance required, as well as being very low in allergens for people who are sensitive to animal fur. They are a great option for children as a first pet Here is what to look for in finding a vet clinic that suits reptiles. X-ray and scanning facilities Reptilian pets are very vulnerable to attack from other companion animals such as cats and dogs, as they tend to flee rather than fight.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Cats: What it Is & How to React

If you ever notice your cat licking the ground beneath your car after you've topped up the antifreeze or screen wash, remove the cat immediately and call the vet as an emergency. Here's why. Antifreeze poisoning Cats find the ethylene glycol contained in antifreeze coolant as irresistible as you do luxury Belgian chocolate, but did you know that consuming as little one teaspoon-full can be fatal to your cat? Ethylene glycol is the most common source of poisoning in cats.

3 Tips on Maximising Your Cat's Lifespan

As you stare into the eyes of your cute kitten, you know that you want them to be with you for years to come. While you can't guarantee any particular outcomes, there are a few tips that can maximise the chance of it living well into their teenage years, beyond the standard tips of immunising your cats. Modify their diet Cats are dedicated carnivores and designed to eat high protein meals.