Recognising The Signs Of Doggy Dental Distress

From a very young age, the importance of regular dental care is taught to people. However, not all pet owners know that continual dental care is as important for their animals. While your canine's fangs do not need brushing twice a day, doggy dentistry is a topic all dog owners must be aware of. At each scheduled visit, your vet checks your dog's dental health. Outside of these, there are signs that your dog's teeth are causing them distress. By learning what these signs are, you know to make a veterinary dentistry appointment soon after you notice them.

Mouth Odour

Just like with a human, doggy bad breath is a sign of bacteria buildup in the mouth. This bacteria is either causing an infection or it is attacking teeth and causing decay. In either instance, bacteria harm the teeth. So, if you are recoiling from the smell when your dog wants to lick your face, then it is time for a dental checkup.

Increased Drooling

All dogs drool, but when the amount of drool increases for no reason, then you must take a closer look inside their mouth. This is because increased drool is a sign of tooth pain as this is their body's saliva response to pain inside the mouth. Check the drool for any sign of blood and make an urgent dentistry appointment with your vet if blood is apparent. Blood in the saliva is a strong sign of infection and is uncomfortable for your pet.

Reduction In Appetite

The most obvious sign that your dog is suffering from dental distress is a sudden loss of appetite. When your pet is suffering from dental infection or decay, they experience pain when they try to eat. Rather than tolerate the pain, they stop eating, or you may hear audible sounds of distress such as whimpering or whining as they try to chew.

Visible Cues

Finally, there are visible signs that your dog is experiencing dental drama, so if you see a broken tooth, inflamed red gums, bleeding gums or lesions inside the mouth, then these are all indicators that your dog needs dental care.

Now that you know the signs of doggy dental distress, make sure you make an appointment for a veterinary dentistry examination as soon as possible. You know yourself how uncomfortable dental dramas can be, so do not let your pet experience the same type of oral misery.

For further details, reach out to a veterinary dentistry in your area.