Top Reasons to Take Your Older Dog to the Vet More Often

If you have an older dog, chances are good that you have always taken your dog to the vet throughout its life. Now that your dog is older, however, it might be important for you to take it to the vet a little more often. Of course, your veterinarian can give you an idea of how often your dog should be brought in for appointments, but these are a few reasons why more frequent visits might be a good idea now that your dog is older.

Get Nutritional Advice 

Now that your dog is getting older, you will need to make sure it is served a proper diet for its age. Even if you have been feeding your dog the same brand and type of food for years, it might now be time to make some changes. If you take your dog to the vet, your vet can tell you a little more about your dog's nutritional needs. They will base this recommendation on things like your dog's age, breed, size, health challenges and more. If you follow these recommendations, you can hopefully ensure your dog stays at a healthy weight and is as healthy as possible.

Have Your Dog Checked for Age-Related Issues

There are many age-related issues that can pop up in dogs as they get older. Your dog might suffer from arthritis, dementia or cancer, for example. Of course, these things can happen to younger dogs, too, but your older dog might be at higher risk.

Typically, when these types of health conditions pop up, it is better to get your dog treated sooner rather than later. This can help you keep your pet alive and healthy for as long as possible, and it can help you prevent your pet from being put through unnecessary pain and suffering.

Get Recommendations for Supplements

In many cases, older dogs can benefit from taking different supplements. There are supplements out there that can help your dog have a shinier and healthier coat or that can help with joint pain, for example. Even though you can purchase these supplements yourself, you'll probably want to work with your veterinarian for recommendations. Then, you can help be sure that you give your pet the right supplements for their needs.

Get Help With Boarding

When going out of town, you might normally board your dog at a boarding facility. Now that your dog is older, however, you might feel more comfortable taking your dog to the vet's office to be boarded, since there will be veterinary professionals there who can help if your older dog suffers from some type of medical emergency. 

Visit a vet near you today to learn more.