3 Things to Look for in the Ideal Vet Clinic for Your Reptile

Reptiles are relatively uncommon as pets. However they can be great companions with high levels of intelligence and low levels of maintenance required, as well as being very low in allergens for people who are sensitive to animal fur. They are a great option for children as a first pet

Here is what to look for in finding a vet clinic that suits reptiles.

X-ray and scanning facilities

Reptilian pets are very vulnerable to attack from other companion animals such as cats and dogs, as they tend to flee rather than fight. They can also be vulnerable to swallowing non-food items, if you accidentally leave these in a spot where your pet often heads for their food. While you may make every effort to keep them in a safe spot, if they escape and get hurt it can be hard to know what exactly is wrong and a scan can often reveal useful information about broken bones or swallowed keys.

Look for a vet clinic with an x-ray facilities that include small containers/light braces to help keep your snake or reptile still during x-rays to limit their distress and stop your pet needing chemical sedation.

Experience in analysing reptile behaviour

As a pet owner you'll be able to recognise changes in your pets behaviour that might give you the feeling they are not well. It can also be very useful to have a vet that is experienced in analysing reptile behaviour to confirm or allay your suspicions on your pet's illness. Reptile behaviour is relatively subtle compared to dogs and cats, so changes can hard to analyse unless you are aware of the difference in reptile behaviour during illness vs. healthy behaviours.

Look for a vet clinic with vets with reptile specific training, beyond generalist vet qualifications.

Parasite analysis

While reptiles are relatively hardy, they can be vulnerable to parasites and bugs that they are not usually exposed to. Reptiles are used to eating from a range of natural insect and small animals in the wild and can often pick up parasites from these food sources.

Experienced reptile vets can do help analyse any discolouration or growths on your pet. They can do some easy in-clinic tests for common parasistes, as well as send faeces for analysis to work out with parasites may be to blame and what treatments could help if your pet has picked up something exotic.

A great vet clinic can help ensure your favourite scaly pet has a long and healthy life with you. Check out clinics like Warnbro Veterinary Hospital to find out if they pair up perfectly with your scaly friend.