Would Your Dog Be Better Off with a Mobile Vet?

Whatever happens to be on offer, chances are that your devoted dog is going to be an enthusiastic participant. Want to relax on the couch and watch Netflix all day? Sure! How about a walk? Yes, please! Who wants a treat? Heck yeah! There are perhaps just two things that your dog might be reluctant about. They're unlikely to be their usual, obliging self when it's bath time, but it has to happen.

3 Tips to Help Your Pet Dog Maintain Good Oral (and Overall) Health

It is perfectly normal and natural for pet dogs to harbour microbial flora inside their mouth. In fact, the bacteria in your dog's mouth can help to keep it healthy. It is until plaque and tartar start building up on your canine's teeth and gums that problems may begin. Note that, just like humans, dogs, too, can develop dental infections and disease if their dental health isn't taken seriously. Treating dental infections and disease in dogs can be expensive and in some cases, it may be too little too late to administer effective treatment.

Is Your Dog Allergic to Your Cat?

If you've recently added a cat to your family, then your first concern may have been how your dog would react to having a cat around. If all goes well and your two pets get on with each other, then you'll have breathed a sigh of relief. However, as time passes, you may have noticed that your dog is acting like its allergic to something. It may be sneezing a lot, its eyes may be red, and it may be scratching more than usual.