The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Puppy's First Vet Visit

Congrats on bringing home a new furry mate! One of the first things you need to do is schedule your puppy's first vet visit. Taking your pup to the vet early on can help you identify any health issues and prevent your pet from developing severe illnesses. If you're feeling a bit nervous or overwhelmed about your puppy's first vet visit, this guide will run you through everything you need to know to prepare for the appointment.

Two tips for puppy owners who have enlisted their pets in puppy training programs

Here are two tips for puppy owners who have enlisted their pets in one of their vet's puppy training programs. They should practise basic commands with their puppy before the program begins Most puppy training programs will teach all of the basic obedience commands, as well as more complex socialisation and behavioural management techniques. However, it's still sensible for those who've signed up for these programs to practise basic commands with their puppies prior to their first class.

Top Reasons to Take Your Older Dog to the Vet More Often

If you have an older dog, chances are good that you have always taken your dog to the vet throughout its life. Now that your dog is older, however, it might be important for you to take it to the vet a little more often. Of course, your veterinarian can give you an idea of how often your dog should be brought in for appointments, but these are a few reasons why more frequent visits might be a good idea now that your dog is older.